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Curio Essay Workshop (Part 1)

My Application, My Decision. CURIO's 5-day essay workshop brings together all our students to help with application questions and finish personal statements and supplemental essays.

August 5th-9th, Curio held its’ annual Essay Workshop in Shanghai. Three former American admissions officers, three international counselors, and almost 40 Curios students all gathered to work on their personal statements and supplemental essays.

After a little warm-up, some guided discussions, and finally a few brain-storming activities we finally got to see our many wonderful student stories.

Using examples from their own life and other learning experiences, students started writing their essays. The students focused on how to make the beginning of their essay more eye-catching and how to articulate how they overcome their challenges. ~

Curio’s “Essay Writing Workshop” includes brainstorming activities, writing lectures, one-on-one essay editing, and application system introduction and usage. Students also got to participate in team-building activities lead by Curio Mentors.

The Writing Workshop allowed us to learn even more about our students. Curio students support each other, grow up together, and work together. We had a chance to interview 6 students during the workshop and we will share 3 of their stories.

Let’s meet our 3 shining stars!

Star Student | Season 1


Prince of Social

Aiden Chen

  • Course: A Level
  • School: Ulink College of Shanghai

During the ice-breaking activity on the first day, a handsome and sometimes naughty student caught everyone’s attention. Aiden quickly became familiar with everyone, often made jokes, and quickly made friends with like-minded students.

During the Essay Workshop, he not only completed his personal statements but also planned to complete most of his supplemental essays as well.

His dream school is Pepperdine University, and his personal statement used “flip flops” as his theme to highlight how he likes to break the rules sometimes.


Time Management Expert

Tiffany Jiang

  • Course:IB
  • School:Shanghai Pinghe Bilingual School

With the help of her counselor Jordan, Tiffany completed her personal statement well in advance on the second day of the Essay Workshop and began to write her supplemental essays.

Her time management skills and positive attitude towards learning made her stand out. The theme of her personal statement is the “positive effects of candy on communication” and how she uses it to connect with all the new people she meets.

We all wish this determined and lovely girl can realize her dream to attend Swarthmore College for economics and eventually become a business lawyer.


Charming, Funny, Polyglot

Kevin Yang

  • Course:Normal Highschool
  • School:Shanghai Foreign Language School

Kevin wants to major in media, art or education at Cornell University and his humor is only surpassed by his curiosity.

He can speak English, Mandarin, Shanghainese, and is currently learning Hebrew and French. His dream is to become a playwright, and we can’t wait to see what languages his scripts will be in!

For Kevin, the Essay Workshop’s focused on what he loves the most, Writing!

Don’t let the application process be a battle on your own.

We hope everyone can broaden their horizons, build a good knowledge base, build strong friendships, and boldly pursue their dreams together with Curio.


Thanks for learning about Curio’s Essay Workshop.


We will share the Essay Workshop (Part. 2) soon.

Stay tuned 🙂

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