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Curio wants every learning experience to be transformative. We have partnered with organizations that share our vision of education. Every partner provides amazing experiences that will help bring out the passions of our students and also give them unforgettable memories.

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With over 60 admissions experts banding together, we’re out to change the way that families approach the college admissions process. We think this should be an exciting time for students and parents, not a stressful, anxiety-ridden, cardiac arrest-inducing rite of passage. Whether you hire one of our counselors, read our book, or just browse our blog (where we give away free advice every day), we’re going to be there injecting sanity and perspective into the process.

Summer Discovery

Summer Discovery was founded by the Musiker Family as Musiker Student Tours in 1966. Our first pre-college program began at UCLA in the mid-1980’s, and now consists of collaborative partnerships with 14 prestigious universities in the US, England, and Singapore to provide the finest pre-college, middle school, and internship experiences. We’re still a Musiker family-owned and operated organization, featuring the most experienced, visionary, and talented leadership team in the pre-college field.


Keru exists to improve the lives of people around us. We’re a global management consulting firm with a special focus in the emerging field of social responsibility in China. We partner with forward thinkers in corporate CSR, social enterprises, non-profits, philanthropies, academic institutions and local communities, to drive impact and discover new ways of creating and sustaining value.
As part of our mission, we are committed to sharing the latest thinking and knowledge of this exciting field with students who are passionate about social impact. In addition to partnering directly with schools to develop knowledge and insights, we also offer opportunities for ambitious young leaders to join our projects as co-creators of impact.

Shanghai Students’ Post

The Shanghai Students’ Post is a weekly English newspaper, founded in 1985 and continuously published ever since. The paper is affiliated to the Shanghai United Media Group and is the only paper in the city that caters to students, from primary school children to highschoolers, with a purpose of facilitating their English learning. With a circulation of 200,000, the paper has become a main supplementary English reading material for students in Shanghai.
In addition to its publishing business, the Shanghai Students’ Post has also developed an important project to improve young students’ soft skills—the SSP Student Reporters’ Club, whose vision is to foster future citizens with creativity, responsibility, leadership and global horizons.


51offer is an intelligent and one-stop application platform for students to apply for universities in the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, etc. The 51offer mobile APP is to help members check their application progress anytime and anywhere as the important application information system is pushed to students’ mobile phone by itself. During the whole process of application, students can ask their exclusive consultant questions through the APP at any time and anywhere, and get 51offer’s timely answers. At the same time, 51offer independently developed intelligent search engine and e-commerce system for overseas students, which realized intelligent matching between students and schools by using big data, and could complete school applications more accurately and efficiently.
In addition to the websites including Uker.net, and Usaer.net, 51offer offers media websites for studying abroad, owns forums gathered by millions of students, and attracts millions of social media fans. In terms of functionality, 51offer makes studying abroad easier. The purpose of the paper shopping mall, school square and Q&A community is to realize the one-stop service with high user experience for students to study abroad.


We started as a single office in Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea. Over the decades, iae GLOBAL has become one of the largest and most diverse student recruitment organisations in the world.
We have a broad-based presence in major student origination countries, as well as destination countries where our partner educational institutions are located and our student clients are seeking to study. This enables us to connect students from China, India, Japan, Korea and other key markets around the world with top-tier educational institutions in the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and other major destination countries.


ViaX co-operates with faculty and researchers from all fields-¬including liberal arts and humanities, natural and material sci¬ences, engineering, business/economics/finance, law — from top-30 ranked universities and colleges.
Not only do we prepare our students to enter the world’ s best universities, we also guide students to cultivate an in¬terest in academic research, to gain critical thinking skills, and to become talented individuals who can participate in the global economy.

Art & Beyond

Art & Beyond Community is an innovative Portfolio Guidance Institution. We are a team of international professionals that understand exactly what foreign universities expect from international students.
We recognise the offer is just the beginning and care deeply about helping students realise their potential. Our unique portfolio programmes help students to successfully apply for the best art universities in the world while inspiring confidence and creativity.
Our students not only succeed at getting the very best offers, they succeed at university and beyond.