Claire LI
Start Date at Curio: 09/08/2017

My mentor is a very interesting person. He is not exactly a teacher, but more of a good friend. Our relationship is very close. Even though he is very busy, he always encourages me and reminds me because I need help to avoid procrastinating. Due to the time difference and geography, he, who lives in Shanghai, bridges the communication when I cannot contact my US counselor in time. I feel at ease with his company. During my summer vacation after 11th grade, I was very depressed because of visa problems. He encouraged me all the time. It would have been difficult for me to handle my emotions without him when I received my visa rejection letter.


I didn’t know much about the application process myself, so my counselor taught me step by step. She was also very helpful in my writing. I am a person who writes a lot, and I could not stop myself from exceeding the word limit. This was a problem in all my essays. She helped me shorten the word count, pick out the best parts, and make my essays concise and comprehensive. In the early application process, my counselor was able to guide me in discussion and deepen my thoughts. She helped me find a story that could be put into essays, and helped me find how to write it to better reveal myself.


Kelley School of Business, Indiana University
University of California at Irvine
University of California, Davis
University of California, Santa Barbara
University of Maryland
University of Washington
University of Warwick
University of St Andrews
Durham University
University of Bath
The University of Hong Kong