Start Date at Curio: 10/02/2018

After joining Curio, my mentor gave me a very specific monthly and weekly plan, which immediately clarified my goal. What impressed me most was that I had already finished my essays while my peers were writing until 3 am or 4 am every day last October. Aside from essays, I sometimes felt anxious and doubted whether I could succeed. My mentor provided encouragement, and I felt much calmer and more confident.


I came to Curio to attend its Essay Workshop last August. That week was really efficient. Counselors and mentors helped me to answer many questions. When I finished writing an essay and sent it to my counselor, she quickly helped me to edit it. I started with more than 1,000 words and cut it down to approximately 800 words. Cutting words is much more difficult than writing them, but the counselor helped me to do it again and again. In the end, I was very satisfied.


Fordham University
Drexel University
Hofstra University
University of Massachusetts – Amherst