Vincent LIN
Start Date at Curio: 05/04/2018

My mentor helped me construct a plan for the summer vacation before 12th grade. That summer, I prepared for the TOEFL and participated in volunteer activities and summer school. I also began to write essays. I had plenty of time during 12th grade. Most of my classmates were struggling to keep up their GPA, as well as their TOEFL and SAT scores. They were very busy filling out applications and writing essays. On the contrary, I had more time for myself. All I had to do was to submit my applications and keep up with the school curriculum.


I filled out the applications by myself, but my counselor helped me check them over so I didn’t make any mistakes. Before attempting each essay, we brainstormed and talked about my experiences and what makes me special. After that, my counselor briefed me on many essay topics so I could better understand them. Then I began to write my drafts. My personal statement changed the most during four to five drafts. My counselor helped each time, writing notes and corrections. Sometimes, the counselor wrote more words in the notes than I did in the essay.


University of Washington – Main Campus
Penn State University
University of Maryland
Fordham University