Yvonne DONG
Start Date at Curio: 24/07/2017

Yvonne not only improved in her GPA, but her SAT score rose from 1320 to 1550. Her mentor made a good timeline for Yvonne and constantly encouraged her to review and prepare for exams. With her guaranteed basic scores, Yvonne felt confident about applying to several Top 30 universities.

Counseling :

Yvonne’s counselor inspired and helped Yvonne in her essay writing. She not only offered Yvonne many valuable suggestions during their brainstorming sessions, but also advised her about how to structure her essays. Yvonne mentioned the importance of reflecting her own characteristics in the essays. She said the application essays should not be produced in an assembly line style, but should show what makes the applicant unique.


Washington University in St. Louis
University of Southern California
University of California, Santa Barbara
Kelley School of Business, Indiana University
Babson College