UK College Counseling Program
UK College Counseling Program

Curio’s UK Study Abroad Program sets goals for students’ long-term development strategies


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One-Stop Study Abroad Program

UK UK British project

Academic Planning

  • Long-term goal-based strategy
  • Course Selection: A-Levels, IB
  • IELTS Test Planning
  • Supplementary Test planning: BMAT, UKCAT, LNAT, TSA, MAT, STEP…

College Application

  • Application Guidance (UCAS)
  • UK School and Major Research Workshop
  • Letter of Recommendation Coaching
  • Essay Brainstorming, Writing Guidance, and Revision Support
  • Supplementary Test Planning and Strategy
  • Application Material Support
  • Acceptance Analysis
  • Enrollment Pre-arrival Guidance

Background Enrichment

  • UK Summer School Application Assistance
  • Extra Curricular Planning

Mentoring Curriculum

  • Executive Functions
  • Emotional Well-being
  • Life Skills
UK UK British project

Counseling Journey


Student Heads to College

Step 1 Assessment

Ascertain student/parents needs

Step 2 Planning

Design academic goal based on unique abilities

Step 3 Enrichment

Develop hobbies/activities

Step 4 Research

School & Major Research

Step 5 Evaluation

Using Progress to Evaluate Options

Step 6 Process

Final Testing and School Prep

Step 7 Application

Application Process Begins

Step 8 Acceptance

Student Selects Among Offers

Step 9 Pre-Arrival

Culture, Dorm. and School Prep Guidance


Student Heads to College


  • 4-1 Team tailored to match your child’s personality, ability, and major of interest
  • Counselors from competitive UK schools who understand Chinese families’ unique requirements
  • Frequent interactions with English native speakers that improve language ability and confidence
  • Access to 100’s of high-quality extracurricular activities with our carefully selected academic partners
  • Regularly scheduled parent conferences and info sessions reduce parent anxiety
  • Early completion timeline for admission applications to reduce stress
  • Long-term planning and Fit-focused strategy
  • Pre-cultural immersion reduces student “culture shock”

2020 UK University Rankings

According to the British “Times Higher Education Special Issue” 2020 University Rankings

UK ranking World Ranking School Name
1 1 University of Oxford
2 3 University of Cambridge
3 10 Imperial College London
4 15 University College London
5 =27 London School of Economics and Political Science
6 30 University of Edinburgh
7 =36 King's College London
8 =55 University of Manchester
9 77 University of Warwick
10 87 University of Bristol
11 =99 University of Glasgow
12 =110 Queen Mary University of London
13 112 University of Birmingham
14 =117 University of Sheffield
15 122 University of Southampton
16 =128 University of York
17 133 Durham University
18 =139 Lancaster University
=19 =146 University of Exeter
=19 =146 University of Sussex
* = university shares this ranking with other institutions

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