UK College Counseling Program
UK College Counseling Program

Curio’s UK Study Abroad Program sets goals for students’ long-term development strategies


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One-Stop Study Abroad Program

UK UK British project

Academic Planning

  • Long-term goal-based strategy
  • Course Selection: A-Levels, IB
  • IELTS Test Planning
  • Supplementary Test planning: BMAT, UKCAT, LNAT, TSA, MAT, STEP…

College Application

  • Application Guidance (UCAS)
  • UK School and Major Research Workshop
  • Letter of Recommendation Coaching
  • Essay Brainstorming, Writing Guidance, and Revision Support
  • Supplementary Test Planning and Strategy
  • Application Material Support
  • Acceptance Analysis
  • Enrollment Pre-arrival Guidance

Background Enrichment

  • UK Summer School Application Assistance
  • Extra Curricular Planning

Mentoring Curriculum

  • Executive Functions
  • Emotional Well-being
  • Life Skills
UK UK British project

4-on-1 Support

Academic Strategist
Progress Supervisor

Counseling Journey


Student Heads to College

Step 1 Assessment

Ascertain student/parents needs

Step 2 Planning

Design academic goal based on unique abilities

Step 3 Enrichment

Develop hobbies/activities

Step 4 Research

School & Major Research

Step 5 Evaluation

Using Progress to Evaluate Options

Step 6 Process

Final Testing and School Prep

Step 7 Application

Application Process Begins

Step 8 Acceptance

Student Selects Among Offers

Step 9 Pre-Arrival

Culture, Dorm. and School Prep Guidance


Student Heads to College

Guaranteed Advantages

  • 4-1 Team tailored to match your child’s personality, ability and major of interest
  • Counselors from top UK schools who understand Chinese families’ unique requirements
  • Frequent interactions with English native speakers that improve language ability and confidence
  • Access to 100’s of high-quality extracurricular activities with our carefully selected academic partners
  • Regularly scheduled parent conferences and info sessions reduce parent anxiety
  • Early completion timeline for admission applications results in reduced stress and more offers
  • Long-term planning and Fit-focused strategy leads to a 4x higher average admission rate success
  • 95% of CURIO students get into one of their top 3 school choices
  • Pre-cultural immersion reduces student “culture shock”

Student and parent testimonials

Claire LI
Curio not only helped me with my application but also to improve my English and integrate into an international environment and culture. I enjoyed coming to Curio's office on the weekends. Not only has my English improved, but I have also adapted to an international environment.

Accepted by University of Warwick, University of St Andrews, Durham University, University of Bath, The University of Hong Kong, Kelley School of Business, Indiana University, University of California at Irvine, University of California, Davis, University of California, Santa Barbara, University of Maryland, University of Washington

Claire 妈妈
Curio’s educational philosophy meshes with our own. To choose the right school, we must not only value its rankings, but fully respect our children’s ideas, cultivate their independent spirit, and prepare them to study abroad. We don't know much about studying abroad, and Curio’s teachers provide us with a wealth of accurate information.

2020 UK TOP20 University Rankings

According to the British “Times Higher Education Special Issue” 2020 University Rankings

UK ranking World Ranking School Name
1 1 University of Oxford
2 3 University of Cambridge
3 10 Imperial College London
4 15 University College London
5 =27 London School of Economics and Political Science
6 30 University of Edinburgh
7 =36 King's College London
8 =55 University of Manchester
9 77 University of Warwick
10 87 University of Bristol
11 =99 University of Glasgow
12 =110 Queen Mary University of London
13 112 University of Birmingham
14 =117 University of Sheffield
15 122 University of Southampton
16 =128 University of York
17 133 Durham University
18 =139 Lancaster University
=19 =146 University of Exeter
=19 =146 University of Sussex
* = university shares this ranking with other institutions
In their own words

In their own words

In their own words

Bill GUO


Claire LI


Eric CAO


Bill GUO

Bill GUO

First of all, my mentor and counselor helped me with all aspects of the application, which supported me a lot. My mentor arranged a practical timetable. If I did it myself, it would be a mess. My mentor would give me a c...

Claire LI

Claire LI

Curio not only helped me with my application but also to improve my English and integrate into an international environment and culture. I enjoyed coming to Curio's office on the weekends. Not only has my English improve...

Eric CAO

Eric CAO

Curio offers more than guidance in college applications: it helps students to grow. Applying to college abroad is unlike applying through China’s college entrance examination, where students are evaluated on their scores...

Bill GUO


Claire LI


Eric CAO


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