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US Counselor Updates: The Intangibles | Activity Summary

US Counselor Updates: The Intangibles | Activity Summary

Your activity summary lists out all the activities you have committed in your high school career from grade 9 to 12 that you think is important for admission officers to knwo about.

Hui Qin

  • Former Arts Peer Mentor at The University of Melbourne
  • Former Global Officer at Monash University’s Study Abroad Department
  • Ranked in the top 10 percent of IB grades globally upon finishing high school
  • Visual Artist for MudFest (Melbourne University’s Art Festival) in 2017
  • Featured visual artist in Antithesis Journal Volume 27 and Farrago Magazine Edition 5 in 2017
  • Intern at Shanghai Daily and at F&T group
  • Multicultural upbringing with living abroad experience in five countries to date

Hi Curios,


I’d like to introduce the Activity Summary portion of US admissions to you today. It’s a nifty little preamble to essays, to get you warmed up for writing, but not too heavily worded that it’ll scare you away!


The Activity Summary lists out all the activities you have committed to in your high school career, from grade 9 to 12. The focus is on the depth and impact of the activities you have participated in, not the number of activities you joined. You can put a maximum of 10 activities on this list – but always keep it mind that it’s quality not quantity that matters!


In the Activity Summary, you’re showing admissions officers that you’re not just a bookworm (xue ba), but that you’re an interesting person both inside and outside the classroom. Pick activities that you are truly interested in and would engage in even if you didn’t have an Activity Summary to write. The Activity Summary should be a reflection of who you are, not a list of things you think would impress admissions officers.  



Below are a list of types of activities you can participate in:


School Activities

These might include sports teams, special-interest clubs, a school newspaper, music groups and student government.


Community Activities

Examples include community theater, music, and art groups as well as local clubs and sports teams.



These can include internships, summer jobs and working at your parents’ company.




This might mean tutoring elementary school kids, helping out at the animal shelter or raising funds for a charity.


Your counselor and mentor will be recommending you activities to participate in, if you don’t have any already. 🙂




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