We've Been In Your Shoes

Curio Education is a team of US-born and raised education geeks on a mission to restore transparency and integrity to the study abroad industry. With deep American roots and extensive experience overseas, we’re redefining how students go abroad, empowering them to learn and live in the US with confidence and ease.


Our Story

Two years ago, we met a new friend. She was a 14-year old student from China who had traveled to the US for high school. We were excited to hear about her adventures in a new country: the interesting classes she had taken, the new friends she had made, and the countless sights, sounds, and tastes she had encountered. 

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Instead, we learned that she was struggling in school, bored at home, and unaware of the many extracurricular opportunities available to her in the US. We thought that she had simply chosen the wrong study abroad program. However, we soon discovered in our research that nearly every other study abroad program offered to international students provided no guidance or support to students when they arrived at the US. 

After two years, little has changed. Even today's most popular study abroad programs for high schools students offer little beyond admission counseling and homestay matching. Motivated to make a difference, we began out quest to design a better study abroad experience. 

We started with the belief that studying in a foreign country should foster intellectual curiosity, cultural dexterity, and self-confidence. To satisfy all three fronts, we began by understanding the most important point of view: yours. Our team spoke extensively with seasoned international scholars to brainstorm how existing study abroad programs could be improved. We learned about some of the biggest challenges that international students face abroad: making friends at school, deciding what classes to take, getting involved in extracurricular activities, staying socially engaged after the school day, and exploring the world beyond their local communities. Then, we sat down to create a program that addresses these challenges head-on.

We have since merged with Zhuoshi Group. After being approached by several industry leaders, the team at Curio felt comfortable that Zhuoshi shares in the mission that Curio carries out every day to bring meaningful and impactful experiences to students looking to study abroad. Zhuoshi Group helps over 5000 students every year with the aim of increasing Chinese students' exposure and understanding of western education, and most importantly, does so with each student's long term future as the paramount objective. Through this merge, we hope to broaden the horizons of thousands of young minds looking for new and challenging experiences. 

Your Trusted Partners

Call it novel thinking, unapologetic idealism, or common sense. The world doesn’t need another study abroad agency. It needs a trusted ally for global scholars. Curio Education is redefining how students go abroad with unique programs that empower them to learn and live in the US with confidence and ease.