Academic Advisement


First and foremost, your child has taken the step to make the long journey to America to receive a quality education from a premier institution.  Still, receiving acceptance into high school is only the first step. Much planning and preparation must be placed in carefully curating a plan of courses and extracurricular activities to achieve the most out of this unique experience. Curio Education's team of highly experienced Academic Advisors will help you and your child put together a comprehensive plan of coursework and activities outside the classroom including planning meaningful vacation suggestions to best give your child the tools necessary to achieve their academic goals. Apart from being included in the Global Scholars Program, several variations of an Academic Advisor plan exist to fit your child's situation. 


Global Scholars Grade 9 Sample Curriculum


June: Counselors will learn more about each Global Scholar’s background, interests, and study abroad goals and provide individualized guidance.

Early September: Discussion will focus on academic progress. Counselors will help Global Scholars brainstorm ways to seek help in difficult classes and stand out in classes they enjoy.

Late September: Discussion will focus on extracurricular involvement. Counselors will help Global Scholars plan extracurricular activities in the context of college admissions.

October: This meeting will focus on planning a meaningful winter break.

November: Global Scholars will reflect on their first semester in the US and strategize for the upcoming academic semester with their counselor.

January: Counselors will provide guidance on any academic or extracurricular questions and help Global Scholars understand their summer break options.

February: Discussion will focus on course selection for Year 2 and more broadly on developing a four-year course plan that will prepare Global Scholars
for the college admissions process.

March: This meeting will focus on planning a meaningful summer break.

April: Counselors will provide academic and extracurricular feedback to help Global Scholars end their first year in the US on strong footing.

May: Students will reflect on their first year in the US, refine their plans, and create action steps for the summer.