The Admissions Dilemma

In 2015, the number of international applications submitted to American colleges grew over 23 percent. In the same year, international applicants were rejected by American colleges nearly twice as often as domestic applicants.

There is no question that an American college education is more coveted today than ever before. Every year, more and more students from around the world compete for a highly limited number of seats reserved for them at top US colleges. The exact process by which American colleges evaluate applicants is known only to the select few who have served on admission committees at these schools. It is no secret, however, that the American college admission system differs from most others. Strong academic performance and standardized test scores are important, but they alone do not guarantee admission to elite colleges. Most applicants to highly selective American schools will have impressive academic credentials, so admission committees must perform a more holistic assessment of each applicant's fit to the school in question. For US national students, building a strong academic and personal profile for college admissions begins as early as their fi rst year in the American education system. In America, where pre-college education is often treated as a training ground for college, students and families have access to a wealth of resources as they navigate more than a decade of primary and secondary school. Whether enrolling at the best schools, planning high school coursework, getting involved in meaningful extracurricular activities, or drawing inspiration from peers, domestic students can turn easily to advisors and mentors for guidance as they approach the college admission process. In fact, over 25% of all domestic college applicants enlist the support of an independent college counselor to guide them through the process of applying to college. Who, then, do international students turn to when they have questions about college in America? Who will guide them to a successful college admission experience? We hope to provide an answer.


Demystifying College Admissions

Our search for America's finest college counselors led us to Collegewise, a highly respected name among families and education professionals alike. Demystifying College Admissions We started with the belief that international students aspiring to an American college education deserve access to the same, quality college counseling services that help domestic students gain admission to the most selective schools in the country. Then, we conducted a careful review of the country's top college counseling organizations, searching for a partner who shares our vision of widening global access to the best of American educational programs and services. Our search successfully concluded when we found Collegewise, one of America's most respected college counseling companies. During the process, we discovered that many organizations offer college counseling among a number of other services, including academic tutoring and standardized test preparation. We were impressed by Collegewise's exclusive focus on college counseling, strong credentials, respect within the industry, and long track record of success. Above all, we were impressed by their passion and humility. We're excited to be working with Collegewise and are confident that you'll be equally impressed. We can't wait for you to meet the team!

Our Difference In Partnership With Collegewise

Build a Strong Admissions Program:

Collegewise can help you evaluate and select high school classes, extracurricular activities, and summer programs that are meaningful to both you and the colleges to which you will apply.

Write Powerful Application Essays:

Collegewise can help you brainstorm, write, refine, and proofread personal statements and supplemental essays that are genuine, compelling, and culturally aligned to the colleges you have chosen.

Complete and Submit Applicaitons:

Collegewise can guide you through each of your applications, ensuring that you are portraying yourself as compellingly as possible. Your applications will be carefully vetted and error-free before submission.

Create a Strategic College List:

Collegewise can help you evaluate and select colleges based on your unique qualifications and ambitions. Their trademarked approach will help you maximize your odds of admission.


Apply for Scholarships:  Collegewise can guide you through the process of identifying and applying for scholarships in the US, helping you cover the cost of studying abroad with merit based awards.

Apply for Scholarships:

Collegewise can guide you through the process of identifying and applying for scholarships in the US, helping you cover the cost of studying abroad with merit based awards.

Partial List of 2016-2017 Acceptances

Baylor University, Brown University, Carnegie Mellon University, Columbia University,
Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Duke University, Fordham University,
Georgetown University, Harvard University, Johns Hopkins University, 
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, New York University,
Northwestern University, Stanford University, 
University of California - Berkeley,
Yale University