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ED Applications are in, what about your RD applications?

ED Applications are in, what about your RD applications?

Here are some things you should focus on now that your applications are in

Congratulations on completing your ED/EA  applications on November 1st. Applications for the University of California system should have also been submitted by November 30. Also, don’t forget the RD applications on January 1.

The season for the 2020 school year admissions is coming to a close. Should you sit around waiting for your acceptance letters? Of course not!

What information have you left to submit? Are you following up on your application status? How are you dealing with anxiety?

Hurry up and look at your to-do list:


Application Portals

Pay close attention to application status in the application systems.

RD acceptances are usually received from the middle of February to the end of March. American University will either notify you with admittance, denied or placed on a waiting list. It is important this time that students monitor their application portals. At this time universities will sometimes ask for additional application materials.

Standardized Tests

TOEFL, IELTS, and SAT test scores usually take 10 days to reach the university. If the school still has not received your results for more than two weeks, you need to check what the issue is. Many times Chinese last and first names get reversed. After the application is over if you continue to take the TOEFL or SAT / ACT test and your scores have improved significantly, be sure to send your new scores as soon as possible and notify the school to let the admissions officer see your new scores as soon as possible.

Extracurricular Activities

If you have other activities like competitions/research/awards, don’t forget to update your school information. These factors can still be considered while considering your admission.

Academic Results

Transcripts are generally sent by schools. Even with international shipping, it should not take more than a week.

Proof of Funds

Some schools will require proof of bank deposits that meet the requirements of the embassy at the application stage. There will be instructions on the school’s official website. If necessary, promptly notify your parents to go to the bank to issue and fill out the financial form of the school.



Four Reminders, Don’t Miss One

Online application systems will allow you to log on and review progress.

Notice of Application Email will be sent to the applicant’s mailbox, which contains a link to the applicant’s system for tracking progress.

Email Reminders will be sent if a students’ materials are not submitted in full, many schools will send emails to remind everyone. So check your email daily for emails from American universities (they may need some additional information, such as asking for a few more papers). Respond promptly to the interview invitation of the admissions officer and prepare to attend the interview.

Courier Company used when sending out transcripts, enrollment certificates, and academic reports, will send you a courier number, so you can log in to the courier company website to check the status of the delivery.



It’s days after the application and you can finally relax? Not just yet. There are still things you need to stay on top of things:

Maintain a Good GPA

Many students think that only grades 9-11 are submitted when applying. Grade 12 grades are not important, which might cause your grade 12 grades to fall. So, does grade 12 really matter?

Under normal circumstances, American universities will require students to submit their transcripts for the third semester of high school, mid-year report, by mid-February. Results for the second semester are also important. Many American universities also require students to submit final transcripts for high school seniors, that is, final reports, to universities in June-July or before school begins. If a school thinks your marks have fallen to low they may rescind their offer.

Show Interest

Students might think applying to multiple schools will increase their chances of admission. As a result, it is often difficult for colleges and universities in the United States to distinguish which applicants will eventually accept the offer and choose to enter their school.

Visiting the campus, interacting with faculty and staff,  and showing a general interest in the school can provide that extra boost you need to convince admission officers.

Follow Target College Updates

Following your schools’ official blogs and social media sites of your target college helps you to stay informed with the latest announcements. You can also use social media to ask questions about admissions procedures or information about the school.

Improve Your Academic Knowledge.

You can use this free time to review the necessary basic knowledge to prepare for your undergraduate course online. For example, Coursera and Khan Academy have a lot of good college courses available, and many are free.

Enhance Your Extracurricular Activities

. Becoming a leader in a group or club can exercise your leadership skills. You can also set up your own personal project or join in scientific research projects. Mechanical engineering students can build a small robot, and computer majors can develop their own apps.

Improve Your English Ability

Read more books in humanities and social sciences. Most liberal art students’ classes require reading outside of class and must have their own understanding of the contents of the books. It will be difficult to keep up with class discussion if your language ability is not sufficient.

We hope students will maintain a good attitude and keep a positive attitude. You have gone through the application season where most of your documents are in. Soon you will be able to relax a bit in the post-application season.

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