Bill GUO
Start Date at Curio: 09/01/2018

Throughout the year, my mentor helped me in all aspects of preparing for my exams, applications and essays. Whenever I was confused and I didn’t know how to find the answer, my mentor was always there. In September, I had my lowest TOEFL score in my academic history. My mentor encouraged me, telling me that I still had other opportunities and didn’t need to be too worried. They encouraged me to not lose heart and take the exam again. At that time, I was so unsure of myself when I had that score, however, in the end under their encouragement, I successfully improved my score. I studied very hard in November and December, finally I am satisfied with my result.


The counselor helped me to change my most important essay four times. I wrote about 600 words for the essay and it was changed four times, which was equivalent to 3,000 to 4,000 words. My counselor told me that it is ok if I wrote a bit above the word limit, they could help me cut down words. They were able to help me polish my essays in about one day and helped me condense the content. The whole revision process lasted about two weeks. I was amazed at my ability to write such an essay in the end. Although the counselor helped me a lot with structure and content modification, I still felt that my essay improved a great deal. There was even more help on my short essays, totaling more than 10 essays. I am very grateful for my counselor.


Indiana University
University of Iowa
Michigan State University
Washington State University
University of Arizona