Eric CAO
Start Date at Curio: 27/06/2017

My mentor’s guidance was very customized. He tailored a path suitable for me completely according to my personality and hobbies. I was lost at first and couldn’t decide on my major. With his help, I went in the direction of sports management. He guided me to set up a club, start a school basketball team, and host a sponsored basketball game. He helped me find suitable summer schools, and we found one that was ideal. I studied sports management and entertainment at Loyola Marymount University in California for two months. Sports management is a relatively rare major in China, but in the United States, it is quite mature. In those two months, I learned the composition and operation of the industry, as well as the positions and responsibilities that one can take on. The knowledge I returned with gave me a new perspective.


My counselor was very strict with my essays. I wrote about 30 of them. Each was edited three times. I sent them to him, and he sent them back and replied promptly. We would brainstorm before I started to write an essay. Based on his understanding of me from our time together, we discussed which personal stories could be used in my essays. He gave detailed revisions of my work. Sometimes, he suggested it would be better to add an example here or to structure a sentence in a way more in line with my writing style.


University of California, Irvine
Northeastern University
Boston University
Syracuse University
Drexel University