Start Date at Curio: 27/06/2017

In terms of time management, my mentor has planned my time well during my application season. I started to write essays during the summer vacation before my 12th grade. By the time I entered 12th grade, there was not much pressure on writing essays. I finished almost all essays one month before the application deadlines. For testing, my mentors had a clear plan for me such as what tests to take and when to take them. Starting from grade 11, TOEFL, ACT and SAT II exam dates were all arranged reasonably and my preparations began quite early compared to my peers.


First of all, my counselor helped me with brainstorming and coming up with better talking points for essays. Although I thought about essay content myself, my counselor helped me throughout the whole process. They offered very helpful revisions for my essay and writing styles, so that my writing was concise and clear. When I wrote the main essay, I didn’t have any clue at the beginning, but after filling out a brainstorm questionnaire, I knew what I wanted to write, and then I started to discuss with my counselor from which perspective I should write my essays. When illustrating my essays with examples, the counselor helped me choose examples and guided me to think about how to write the examples more closely related to the topic of the essays.


Lehigh University
University of Massachusetts
University of Michigan
University of Washington
University of California, San Diego
University of California, Davis