Jerry GOU
Start Date at Curio: 01/08/2017

My mentor guided me when I needed it every time, such as how should I prepare to take the exams. I think time management is critical, because standardized tests are only several times a year after all. In addition, I often communicate with my mentor in the WeChat group to improve my English skills. There are also improvements in my writing and reading skills, because I need to read through a lot of books and websites when I do my assignments. The ability to research for information on my own has also improved.


My counselor assigned me many tasks, for example, finishing my college research this week. My counselor first gave me the title of the college essay and helped me analyze the title. For example, how do you show leadership skills at the university and influence fellow students more effectively? The counselor led me in discussions of what I want to write and what I want to show in the essay. When I wrote it and gave it to my counselor, they helped me to improve the grammar and add details. My counselor helped me analyze the topic first, help me to find the topic I want to write about, and finally helped me revise the essay many times until they felt that the essay is really compelling.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute
University of California, Irvine
Lehigh University
California State University, Long Beach
Rochester Institute of Technology
Clemson University
California State University, Fullerton