US College Counseling Program

Curio’s counseling program makes students more compelling
to admissions officers.


Counselling Advantages

Curio students are provided with:

  • 1 Holistic support from an experienced multicultural team including structured college guidance from elite foreign counselors and personal development from trained mentors
  • 2 Overseas team of former college admission officers and their vast information network
  • 3 Individualized attention from counselors, who work with a limited number of students, and really get to know their students
  • 4 Ability to communicate with our counselors via zoom, skype, wechat and in person (China-Based)
  • 5 Access to the university databases in the United States
  • 6 Guidance to individualize their stories and demonstrate their strengths
  • 7 Parent Counselor Conferences, (PCC) 1 every four months to keep parents up-to-date
  • 8 TOEFL, IELTS, SAT and ACT test timeline planning and mock standardized test
  • 9 Access to 100's of programs or internships in the Curio Extracurricular Activity Database
  • 10 Guided university and major research
  • 11 Application strategy planning for Reach, Target, and Likely universities
  • 12 Guidance and management of application systems (Common App/Coalition App/UC App)
  • 13 Pre-departure cultural integration counseling
  • 14 Strict adherence to the guidelines of the National Association for College Admissions Counseling (NACAC) and Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA)
Counseling journey

Counseling Journey (Grade 11-12)

Phase 1 Phase 1
  • Parent Counselor Conference #1 (assessment and discussion about expectations and goals)
  • Explain the admission process
  • Create a Spring timeline
  • Develop a standardized testing strategy for TOEFL, IELTS, ACT, and SAT
  • Research Summer extra-curricular activities
  • Register for the AP Exam
  • Mock Standardized Test Assessment #1
  • Create the online application management system (College Planner Pro)
  • Apply for Summer programs
  • Research potential colleges and majors
  • School Research & Tour
  • Adjust testing strategy
  • Continue summer application process
  • Intensify focused college and major research
  • Mock Standardized Test Assessment #2
  • School Grades midterm check-in
  • Last chance to apply for summer programs
  • Adjust testing strategy
  • Plan summer timeline
Phase 2 Phase 2
  • Parent Counselor Conference #2 (discuss timeline)
  • Focused university research and list refinement
  • Strategies for letter of recommendation
  • Finalize Summer timeline
  • Mock Standardized Test Assessment #3
  • Brainstorm for personal statement
  • Adjust testing strategy
  • Finalize college list
  • Parent Counselor Conference #3 (discuss and confirm college list with parents)
  • Brainstorm UC Application essay (special case)
  • Begin writing personal statement
  • Collect all remaining school transcripts
  • Mock Standardized Test Assessment #4
  • Discuss and submit all personal statements
  • All relevant information uploaded to application systems
Phase 3 Phase 3
  • Discuss and write all supplemental essays
  • Final deadline for letters of recommendation
  • Final review of applications and submission of test scores for Early Decision (ED)
  • Recommended deadline for all standardized test submissions
  • Recommended deadline to complete and submit personal statements and supplementary essays
  • Final deadline to complete and submit personal statements and supplementary essays
  • Gather any outstanding materials
  • Submit all outstanding materials
  • Early Action (EA) and Early Decision (ED) results released
  • Strategy meeting based on EA and ED results
Phase 4 Phase 4
  • Individual college portal management assistance
  • Follow-up communication with schools that have shown interest in your application
  • Submit further materials as required
  • All Regular Decisions (RD) are released
  • SWOT analysis of acceptances
  • School selection meeting
Phase 5 Phase 5
  • Housing and meal plan decision meeting
  • Advise on class selection
  • Culture Shock discussion
  • Submit final semester transcript
  • Stop. Breathe. You are on your way to college!