A Fresh Approach

Our quest to design a better high school study abroad program started with the belief that studying in a foreign country should foster intellectual curiosity, cultural dexterity, and self-confidence. In designing our high school offerings, we sought to address the many challenges that arise when students study abroad and find themselves in unfamiliar academic and cultural setting with only limited guidance or support. 



What We Do


Finding schools in the United States can be an overwhelming proposition. Getting your student to a school in the United States that not only meets your academic requirements, but also is an ideal fit for that student's personality and extracurricular interests is outright daunting. Curio Education prides itself on being an expert in understanding the American educational system and finding the best match for your student.

Most families breathe a sigh of relief when their student arrives in the United States for his or her first day of school. The reality is the journey has just begun. The programs and services developed by Curio Education are focused not only on the application process, but providing elite advisement on course selection as well as giving each student a clear and coordinated academic and cultural path to success. 


Programs and Services

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