Monthly Reports


Separation and distance can be the hardest elements of studying abroad for the first time. Whether physically getting on a plane toward a new school, or letting your child go at the airport, the entire family is on a journey to unfamiliar territory. One of the biggest fears when sending a child abroad is leaving their well-being in the care of unfamiliar people. That's why Curio Education offers monthly reports to the parents so that they stay engaged and know exactly how their student is progressing academically, socially, and culturally.  This process not only offers each parent unparalleled access into the daily life of their student while abroad, but also holds each party influencing your child's future accountable to perform their duty at the highest level.


What's Included

Depending on the package, monthly reports can include:

  1. Detailed feedback from every class in which the student is enrolled
  2. A comprehensive report from the student's homestay family discussing his or her participation in family life, extracurricular activities, and the student's overall emotional standing
  3. Feedback from the student's academic advisor on the topic discussed that month, their academic track, struggles, and future action steps
  4. Peer Mentorship feedback outlining cultural discusison topics covered for the month, and a supplementing report on the student's emotional status

Global Scholars Program Example Report