Tailored To Fit Your Needs

 The college counseling programs we've created in partnership with Collegewise are specifically designed to address the needs of international students at every stage of the college planning and application process.


All Inclusive Packages

complete admissions program (CAP)

What's Included:
4 years of personalized high school advisement to help you build and maintain an academic and personal profile that stands out in the crowd. Evaluate and select classes, extracurricular activities, summer programs, and standardized tests that are meaningful to both you and the colleges to which you will apply.
Guided college research. Define your college goals with an intelligent college list and strategize for school visits under the expert guidance of your hand-selected Collegewise Counselor or Head Counselor.
End-to-end guidance on an unlimited number of college applications. Write powerful personal statements and supplemental essays, produce strong letters of recommendation, and prepare for admission interviews for an unlimited number of schools.
Unlimited hours of meeting time with your Collegewise Counselor or Head Counselor and full access to your counselor via email between meetings.

Our most comprehensive program  leaves no stone unturned, offering unlimited academic advisement and college counseling over the course of a student's entire high school experience. Students can enroll in the Complete Admission Program at any point during high school. To maximize the program's impact, we recommend that students enroll as early as early in high school as possible. Students will work on a one-on-one basis with a hand-selected Collegewise Counselor or Head Counselor. The four-year program is structured to achieve ambitious but realistic college goals that students define early in the program under the guidance of their counselor. Informed by these goals, students will develop a comprehensive four-year plan for high school coursework, extracurricular activities, summer breaks, standardized testing, and even college visits. As students advance through high school and make progress toward their goals, their counselor will help them to refine and strengthen their plans. In later years, CAP focuses on finalizing an intelligent college list and writing college applications. Students will work with their counselor to reassess their qualifications and goals, creating a college list that carefully considers the academic and personal profile they have crafted during their time in the program. Counselors will then guide students through the process of brainstorming, editing, and proofreading application essays, ensuring that students are communicating the full depth of their character, passions, and achievements. Between meetings, the Collegewise essay writing team will provide intermediary feedback and revisions for all essays. As submission deadlines approach, counselors will assist students in compiling and submitting applications that present them in the most compelling way possible. As needed, counselors will also help students produce strong recommendation letters, prepare for admission interviews, apply for merit-based scholarships, and provide guidance on any other aspects of the application process that arise. There is no limit to the number of meetings in CAP or the number of unique college applications for which students can seek guidance. Given the time of year and a student's individual progress, meetings might be monthly or even bi-weekly. Regardless, students can be confident that any academic, extracurricular, or personal decision they make during high school will be thoughtfully reasoned and meaningful with regard to their college goals. At the same time, the program's flexibility ensures that students have sufficient time to complete assignments and focus on schoolwork. Students and their families will have full access to their counselor via email between meetings, with a typical response time of 24 hours or less.

Core Programs

admissions committee review

What's Included:
A comprehensive review of your entire college application portfolio, conducted in a simulated admission office setting by former admission directors from highly selective American colleges. 
Specific feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of your applications. Our hand-selected Head Counselors will evaluate your applications with an eye toward gaining admission to the most selective schools in the country.


Once a year, Collegewise convenes a hand-selected group of Collegewise Head Counselors who were formerly admissions directors at highly selective universities such as Harvard, Stanford, University of Chicago, MIT, Caltech, Cornell, USC, and Boston University. In a formal setting modeled on admission offices at the most competitive universities, this group serves as a stand-in admission committee for students who wish to have their entire application portfolio reviewed prior to submission. The committee reviews each student's entire application portfolio in a manner that reflects the structure and rigor undertaken by the actual admission offices at top colleges. The committee provides specific feedback on both strengths and areas for improvement in an annotated application portfolio that students can use to enhance their applications before final submission.