When a student goes abroad into an unfamiliar culture for the first time, even basic tasks become monumental challenges. Where to eat, how to join conversations with peers, and time management are just a few examples of what in his or her home country afterthoughts, and are now legitimate daily challenges equal or greater to their academic obstacles.  In times like these, impressionable minds need a helping hand from someone who has recently been in their shoes, and understands what it is like to immerse themselves into a foreign culture, leaving everything familiar behind. What they need is a friend, an older sibling, a peer mentor.

Every month, Global Scholars and students who select this service will have the opportunity to meet with a carefully selected peer mentor. Unlike meetings for academic advisement and college counseling, which occurs in a formal setting, peer mentorship meetings will occur in a casual setting such as a coffee shop or restaurant. (Remote mentors will video conference with their mentees.) Guided conversation topics that cover a mix of academic, social, and personal topics will provide a starting point for conversation. Students will also have the opportunity to discuss their individual concerns and talk to their mentors about schoolwork, extracurricular activities, college, and life outside of school. Between meetings, students will be encouraged to reach out to their mentors through phone call, text message, or email as new questions or concerns arise. Mentors will be on call to provide an outside perspective on challenging academic questions, social issues, or cultural questions.

Our mentors are current college students or recent graduates of the most prestigious universities in the US. They provide a particularly relevant perspective, as all have studied or worked outside of their home countries for an extended period of time. These are just a few of the mentors available to help you navigate the various aspects of living in America. 


Alina Luk

BS, Science, Technology & Society, Stanford University, 2016 Incoming Associate Product Manager, Facebook Harvard Business School 2+2 Program

Christian Forby

AB, Government and Chinese, Harvard University, 2014, MSc, London School of Economics and Political Science, 2015, Inaugural Schwarzman Scholar, Tsinghua University

Nim Mann

BA, International Relations, USC, 2017
Full-Tuition Stamps Leadership Scholar
Investment Banking Summer Analyst, Goldman Sachs

Roy Elzur

BS, Biomedical Engineering, Yale University, 2019
BS, Computer Science, Yale University, 2019
Intern, Segal Bioinformatics Lab, Weizmann Institute of Israel