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Explore your academic passions and professional interests in America with Summer Discovery, the most popular summer program in the world.


Discover Your Talents

We’re excited to partner with Summer Discovery, the most popular pre-college summer program in the world, to off er preferred and discounted access to over 300 summer college credit courses, enrichment programs, research programs, academics, institutes, and internships at some of the best universities in the country. For motivated middle and high school students around the world, Summer Discovery offers the unique opportunity to spend two to six weeks during the summer in a setting that reflects the rigor and structure of a US college experience. Summer Discovery works closely with top universities to design summer programs in which students become active and integral members of the university community. Summer Discovery participants enroll in classes taught by university professors and faculty, live in a campus residence hall, and explore life in vibrant US urban centers with peers from around the world. Investing in a Summer Discovery experience has many benefits, but don’t just take our word for it. We invite you to learn more about the world of opportunity that awaits you this summer in the US with Summer Discovery!

Why Choose Summer Discovery?

Program Breadth:

Summer Discovery offers over 300 unique programs, more than any other organization in the world. Whether you’re interested in STEM, passionate about the arts, pursuing a career in business, or preparing for the SAT, Summer Discovery has a program for you. You can design a custom schedule of two courses or choose a pre-structured program that offers deep exploration of a single academic discipline or professional field.

University Living:

Summer Discovery students become an integral part of the university community. On each campus, all students and staff live in one university residence hall. This “one residence, one community” concept fosters greater safety and sociability. Campuses have been chosen for their superb locations, excellent campus security, and major medical centers. In addition, you’ll have full access to campus dining halls and recreational facilities.

Cultural Immersion: 

Your Summer Discovery experience extends beyond campus. Program tuition includes more than just classes, room, and board. Summer Discovery organizes extracurricular activities and trips every day, evening, and weekend at no additional charge. All program campuses are located in vibrant American urban centers with access to world-class cultural hotspots, entertainment venues, and recreational attractions.

Programs and Courses at a Glance